Antec Case

We sell and support tailored computer systems. The heart of all our systems use either ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard's, renowned for their quality and reliability - 3 year warranty. For Notebooks, there is no need to look further than ASUS or Lenovo.

If you have a need for other special equipment, prefer a different brand of motherboard don't hesitate to enquire. With the competition between AMD and Intel, you as the consumer have a real choice in CPU's (Central Processor Units). Many people prefer AMD others Intel. Whatever your inclination, we can help.


Again, your choice from the full range of TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LED screens from manufacturers such as Samsung, Viewsonic, Hyundai, Philips and others, - space saving, very low power consumption and no radiation.


It's important that your new system has adequate power and excellent cooling, to that end we use Brand NameĀ  power supplies and all our cases have an extra venting fan, located right near the CPU. Antec is our preferred case. There are many models to choose from and the design and functionality are second to none.

If you are thinking of a PC and have space limitations or are wanting one as a media centre PC, consider a SFF (small form factor) one.